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The Doors Waiting For The Sun

Waiting for the Sun is the third album released by The Doors in 1968. (see 1968 in music). It became the band's first number one album and spawned their second number one single "Hello, I Love You". Much of the material of this album had been written around and before the time of the group's formation, most notably "Not to Touch the Earth", which was taken from Morrison's epic poem Celebration of the Lizard. The poem was originally intended to be recorded for this album where it would have taken up one side, but the group was never able to get it right (they would revisit it later in its full-length form on their 1970 album Absolutely Live).

Though a strong album lyrically, musically it has often been criticised for its softer, mellow sound, a departure from the edgier, more ambitious sound that the band had become well-known (and notorious) for. Nonetheless, the album contains some rarely disputed classics, most notably the menacing "Five to One" and the evocative "Not To Touch The Earth".

However, the song "Waiting For the Sun" appears on the 1970 album Morrison Hotel.

  1. Hello, I Love You
  2. Love Street
  3. Not To Touch The Earth
  4. Summer's Almost Gone
  5. Wintertime Love
  6. The Unknown Soldier
  7. Spanish Caravan
  8. My Wild Love
  9. We Could Be So Good Together
  10. Yes, The River Knows
  11. Five To One

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