Jason Behr Biography

Jason Behr Biography
Jason Behr was born on December 30, 1973, the second of four boys.



When Jason Behr was young, the family moved from Minnesota living in several different states until his father left the family when Behr was around ten. Then Patricia Behr moved her sons back to Minneapolis, where Jason attended a private grade school. He eventually graduated from Richfield Senior High School, in Richfield, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis.

Kim Coates, Jason Behr, Rogue Johnston, Natassia Malthe.At the age of 19, after a chance meeting with Hollywood manager Marvin Dauer in Minneapolis, Behr moved to Los Angeles. In his early acting career, he made over 75 commercials, and in 1995 he landed the role of Tyler Baker in the Showtime series, "Sherman Oaks". "Sherman Oaks" ran for two seasons.

After "Sherman Oaks", Jason Behr had a series of guest appearances in various television shows ("Step by Step", "The Profiler", "Seventh Heaven", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Jag"). He was cast in the ABC series "Push", but the illfated show only aired a few times before being cancelled. Then Jason picked up a recurring role as the character Chris Wolfe in the WB series, "Dawson's Creek". While filming the show in North Carolina, Jason read the script for a pilot called "Roswell High" - later shortened to "Roswell" - and he felt an immediate affinity for the lead alien, Max Evans. "Roswell" had a moderately successful run on the WB for two seasons then moved to UPN for its third and final season. While the show never hit it big in the ratings, the series had an extremely loyal fan base.

Since "Roswell", Jason Behr has taken on a variety of roles in independent films such as: Unsu Lee's "Happily, Even After"; Jefrey Levy's "Man of God" and Rebecca Cook's "Shooting Livien" soon to be released on DVD. He also co-starred with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the hit Japanese/American film collaboration, The Grudge and more recently, has two films in post production. The Korean CGI dragon fantasy entitled “D-War” and Lion's Gates' eagerly anticipated reinvention of the werewolf tale, “Skinwalkers,” which recently wrapped shooting in the Toronto, Ontario area.

Latest News ~ As of March 13, 2006 - Jason Behr has been cast in the CBS dramatic pilot, "The Way", about a powerful New England family that uses witchcraft to further its business enterprises. Jason plays Michael Warden, the show's male lead, one of the family's children who is at the center of a sibling power rivalry. Jason is in good company with fellow cast mates who include, Jane Alexander, Julia Ormond, Peter Strauss, Will Patton and Andrew McCarthy. Filming is now complete and the pilot is in post production.

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