Ana de la Reguera Biography

Ana de la Reguera Biography
Ana de la Reguera (born on April 8, 1977 in Veracruz, Mexico) is a Mexican telenovela and movie actress.



Ana de la Reguera began her performance arts studies in the Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura [Veracruzian Institute of Cultue] ](IVEC) and was the host Pasarela on Televisa Veracruz. She left the Televisa's CEA, and then studied with Rosa María Bianchi, Patricia Reyes Spíndola and Rafael Miranau. Furthermore she studied with Raúl Quintanilla in the Centro de Formación Actoral de TV Azteca [TV Azteca's Actor's Formation Center](CEFAC).

Her professional career began with her role in the telenovela Azul(Blue) followed by Pueblo chico, infierno grande (1997)(Samll town, great hell) then Verónica Castro, for which she received the Heraldo a la Mejor Revelación Femenina(Award for the best female acting). Desencuentro(roughyly: dis-encounter) which was her third in telenovela under the direction of Ernesto Alonso.

Tentaciones (1998)(Temptations) marked her beginning with the production company Argos (Argos Productions). She was immediately offered a role in Destino (Destiny) and Todo por amor (All for Love), where they gave her main role for which she received the Las Palmas de Oro award (The Golden Palm).

Cruz o Cara (Cross or face) was her third telenovela with Argos and was aired by Telemundo in the United States. Ana also is seen playing María in the telenovela Por tí (For you) and Como Pedro por su casa (Like Pedro for his house).

Ana de la Reguera has been in many commercials and tv shows, such as: Mujer, casos de la vida real(Women, cases from real life); Al derecho y al Dérbez(To the right and to Dérbez); Íntimamente Shanik(Intimatly Shanik); Chiquitos pero picosos(Small but Spicy); La venta increíble(The incredible sale); Llévatelo(Take it) and Cómplices en familia(Accomplices in the family), to mention only a few.

In theatre she has participated in El cartero(The mailman), directed by Raúl Quintanilla, for which she received two awards from the Asociación de periodistas teatrales(Association of Theature Journalists) and another one from the Asociación de críticos y periodistas teatrales(Association of Theature Critics and Journalists).

Ana de la Reguera's introduction to film was starring in Por la Libre, under the direction of Juan Carlos de Llaca. This film earned her two more nominations: El Heraldo de la Revelación Femenina(Female Acting Award) and Eres Mejor Actriz(Best Actriss). Later she acted in the film Un Secreto de Esperanza(A Secret of Esperanza) and in 2003, next to Ana Claudia Talancón, she carried out Lady’s Night. She will play the role of Encarnación, a beautiful nun in the upcoming Jared Hess film Nacho Libre, to air June 2, 2006 in the US.

In 2005 she played the starring role in Gitanas(Gypsies {f}) which aired on Telemundo in the U.S.

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